I started learning about Natural health and wellness back in 2005 after the birth of my daughter. I didn't start this journey for health reasons, I just wanted to lose the 38lbs that I had gained from having my daughter.  
I was able to lose my baby weight by the time I went to my 6-week checkup by breastfeeding and by doing a diet that consisted of NO salt (of any kind), NO sugar (of any kind), NO oils, NO dairy (but you could eat egg whites cooked in water) and NO processed foods. After I lost my baby weight, I had no interest in maintaining that type of bland pallet eating regimen over the long haul. During this time, I learned so many things about natural health that I developed a passion for educating others and I soon realized, this was my GOD-GIVEN PURPOSE and I wanted to share everything I had learned with the entire world!!!
By beginning of 2018, everything was looking up and it was time to truly monetize my services! I began studying to be a Certified Nutritional Consultant, I had become an authority figure in several large healthy living facebook groups, I was speaking at health conferences and natural health workshops, I had just finished hosting a natural health TV show and through my new health coaching business, I was in the process of launching a new 12 Months/12 Healthy Habits program.
Then on January 10th I received a call that my mom had been found dead in her home. I didn't even know she was sick, so I couldn't fathom how she would be dead. An autopsy confirmed that it was an Aortic Aneurysm. The doctor said that at some point, a tiny scar developed on her arteries and through time and pressure, it eventually ruptured. 
This was very hard to accept because my mom was seemingly healthy. She was just out doing street ministry with her pastor the previous week and the following week, she and I had just made plans. I was DEVASTATED!!! I eventually became depressed and reclusive and my behavior was very erratic. Within 30 days, my mom had passed away, I divorced my church of 10yrs and broke up with my boyfriend of 2 years! I decided that life was short and precious and everything in mine that wasn't serving me, had to GO!
Eventually, I started taking CBD and my mood and mindset started to change. I still wasn't 100% and it felt as if my "get up and go" had got up and went! Then someone in a Facebook group turned me on to Sea Moss. After about 2 days, I had more energy than I had since high school and the more I took it, the better I felt!  
I started giving it to my kids. My son had always been a very active athlete and said Sea Moss made him feel stronger. My daughter was somewhat on the sickly side because she had been run over by a truck when she was a little girl. The next morning after I gave her Sea Moss, she came in my room and said, "Mommy listen, I can breath out both sides of my nose and i'm not stopped up!" Prior to that, she would wake up congested almost every morning. I also noticed that when I took Sea Moss regularly, I didn't eat as much and wasn't as hungry. 
After months of research, I found that Sea Moss was the best thing you could do for your body and it was changing lives all over the world!! Even though it contains up to 92 of the 102 minerals our bodies need, I also discovered that all Sea Moss wasn't created equally. Some Sea Moss gave me instant energy, while others took longer to kick in and the effects didn't last as long. 
Over time, I discovered the best suppliers in the business vs the suppliers with average quality Sea Moss. Eventually, I went into business alone after 2 failed partnerships and business has never been better!!! I'm currently in 3 stores and by the end of the 2nd quarter of 2023, I plan to be in atleast 10 stores. I can honestly say, without a shadow of a doubt, that Sea Moss has completely changed my life and it can do the same for YOU!!! Click here to order yours today!