The Sea Moss Body Building Alkaline Protein Shake

For many women, maintaining a certain weight on an alkaline vegan diet, can sometimes be difficult.  Lately, as I've started coaching more men, I'm finding that most of them have the opposite problem.....They would like to tone up, bulk up and GAIN weight, rather than lose, but they want to do it the healthy way..... and that's where I come in at!

Many body building websites, have recipes and products full of acidic ingredients that will definitely help you to bulk up, but at what cost to your organs?

When we consume toxic ingredients like artificial sugars, artificial colors, whey protein and tons of other additives and chemicals, it puts a lot of strain on our liver, since our liver is the main organ that filters out toxins in our bodies. The ingredients are also usually highly acidic, so it also puts pressure on our kidneys to neutralize the acids.

However, you don't have to stress your liver and kidneys to develop your desired muscle mass, because I have come up with a muscle building smoothie recipe, that is completely alkaline and will help you to bulk up in little to no time! I usually drink this smoothie 2-3 times a week after I hit the weights.

Below are the ingredients, as well as the benefits. Feel free to make other equivalent alkaline substitutions, per the Dr. Sebi Nutritional Guide and the accompanying image below, to add more variety to this smoothie!

Hemp milk and hemp seeds - They're in the same species as cannabis, but a different variety. Hemp seeds are high in healthy fats, protein and minerals. More than 25% of their total calories are from high quality protein and they are a great source of vitamin E, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, iron and zinc.

Avocado - Rich in antioxidants, helps with digestive issues, prevents food cravings, regulates blood sugar, improves appearance of the skin, reduces inflammation, etc.

Sachi Inchi Protein - One of the high plant based sources of protein and is 60% protein. It helps to build muscles, satisfies hunger, supports digestive health, great for brain function, enhances mood and helps with immunity.

Burro Banana - 100% alkaline. They are super high in potassium, helps improve brain function and bone health, nerves, kidneys and helps with bowel movements.

Strawberries - Improve complexion, strengthen teeth, great for eye health, boost immunity, promote hair growth, and reduce inflammation.

Sea Moss - The original alkaline multivitamin!!! Contains 92 of the 102 minerals your body needs and is high in protein, instant energy boost, high in collagen, high in zinc, so it acts as a aphrodisiac. It increases sexual stamina, improves circulation, strength immunity, great for weight loss and great for thyroid health and allergies.

Greens powder - High in trace minerals, natural plant enzymes, high in fiber, boosts immunity and boosts energy.

Walnut oil - Great for both the heart and the brain! They help prevent cancer, reduce inflammation, help regulate sleep, boosts mood improves skin quality, and contain a host of other benefits.

The SeaMoss Body Building Protein Shake

Hemp milk - 110

Hemp seeds - 180 (3tblsp)

Avocado - 240

Sachi Inchi protein - 120 (3tblsp)

Burro Banana - 110

Strawberries - 50 (1 cup)

Seamoss - 14 (2 tblsp)

Greens powder of your choice - 20 (1tblsp)

Walnut oil - 130 (1tbsp)

= 974 Calories

Written by: Chasity Lindsey aka The Pure Energy Queen @pureenergyqueen on IG, FB & Twitter!

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