My Top 5 Herbs for Improving Libido, Stamina & Erectile Dysfunction

Most of the men I know, will only go to the doctor under 1 of 2 conditions; 1. If they are in intense pain or 2. When “IT” is not working properly!

The Massachusetts Male Aging Study, found that around 52% of all men will experience some form of Erectile Disfunction (ED) and that it steadily increases from ages 40 – 70. That is a very astounding statistic!

In addition, a study from the Journal of Sexual Medicine, (Volume 10, Issue 7) found that ED affects about 26 percent of men under the age of 40. The Cleveland Clinic estimates that it’s not abnormal for men to have trouble getting or keeping an erection for up to 20% of sexual encounters; however, when that number increases to 50% or higher, there are most likely other underlining medical issues to blame.

There are typically 2 things needed for an erection to occur; mental stimulation and physical blood flow. However, there are several risk factors that may impede one or both and ultimately increase your chances of developing ED:

Diabetes – Sometimes diabetes causes nerve damage and circulation issues, both contributing factors of ED.

Obesity – Men who are overweight, have a much greater risk of developing ED. Almost 80% of men with ED have a BMI of over 25%.

Depression – Research has proven that there is a strong correlation between ED and depression. According to an article in WebMD, anxiety and depression are responsible for about 10-20% of all ED cases.

Other triggers are stress, alcohol use, sedentary lifestyle and kidney or heart disease.

On the medical side, ED is often treated with drugs such as Cialis, Viagra or Levitra. A Harvard University Article stated that Erectile Dysfunction medications such as Cialis or Viagra may not be safe for men with pre-existing heart conditions. lists over 50 side effects from those meds such as: dizziness, upset stomach, anxiety, blurred vision, hearing loss, seizures, swelling of face, hands, feet or legs, rectal bleeding, erections lasting more than 4 hours, heart attacks or even death!

When Dr Sebi had ED and was Impotent, he was able to reverse his condition by using herbs, fasting and completely changing his diet to one that was alkaline and plant based. Several herbs and supplements have been known to help prevent and reverse ED and improve desire and stamina such as:

Dr. Sebi’s Viento - This herbal compound consists of Sapo, Hombre, Grande, Contribo, Chaparal, Valeriana (Valerian) and Sea Moss. It is an energizer, cleanser and revitalizer and works by cleansing and revitalizing the blood, improving immunity and serves as a very powerful antioxidant.

Sea Moss – Provides an instant energy boost because of it’s high mineral content, assists the prostate due to its high concentration of zinc and improves overall health and wellness of the body. The most potent evidence of Sea Moss effectiveness is how Dr Sebi went from being impotent to having 17 children……that we know of 👀👀🤣!!!

Tongkat Ali – Helps to reverse ED. It aids in weight loss, increases blood flow, naturally boosts testosterone, reduces fatigue, increases stamina and enhances sexual performance. It’s also been known to boost athletic performance and increase muscle mass. This is because it contains compounds called quassinoids, eurycomaoside, eurycolactone, and eurycomanone, which may help your body use energy more efficiently, reduce fatigue and improve endurance.

Shilajit – Known for it’s dramatic healing property on a plethora of health conditions and sexual health. This plant is known to have more than 85 MINERALS that help boost sexual energy and testosterone, reverses the signs of aging and rejuvenates your cells 😳😳😳.

CBD – Works directly with the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) to control mood, appetite, immunity, pain and sleep patterns. It helps with sex because it increases pleasure, eases stress and anxiety and it increases blood flow to tissues that increase sensitivity and promote the body’s own natural lubrications according to Alex Capano, a faculty member of the Lambert Center for the Study of Medicinal Cannibis at Thomas Jefferson University.

Erectile Dysfunction is often a symptom, and not a condition, so always talk to your doctor or health practitioner before making any new supplement changes. In many cases, changes in diet and starting an exercise regimen, are enough alone to reverse many conditions that I consider “lifestyle conditions” that exist in our communities today!

Written by: Chasity Lindsey aka The Pure Energy Queen @pureenergyqueen on IG, FB & Twitter!

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